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My Father

My father, who is originally from Rangpur, came to the U.K. in the year 1962, six months after graduating from Dhaka Medical College. He began his hospital jobs over various locations in England, and in 1966 he married my mother (originally from Gopalganj). My elder brother was born shortly after, in Birmingham, and in 1974 my father settled down as a G.P. in Wolverhampton where both my second…
Ahmad Amaireh

Fostering Cultural Dialogue to Enhance Community Integration between Diaspora Communities in Jordan: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development

From social development to economic growth, diasporas have long led to the prosperity of the communities they lived with. Every year on May 21, the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development honors diaspora communities and promotes cross-cultural dialogue by celebrating the diversity of the world's many cultures, fostering unity, and promoting sustainable development.

Survey: Online Education from Lebanese Universities

Lebanese Diaspora Energy - LDE is currently undertaking an endeavor revolving around distance education that could be provided by key Lebanese universities to international students, including the Lebanese community overseas. We believe that the talents and academic wealth we have are one of the main resources that not only should we encourage, but we should also incentivize to stay in Lebanon.…
Safia Sangster

How are diaspora communities helping fight climate change?

The role of young people in taking a stand and being part of the solution to climate change issues has never been more prominent. From Greta Thunburg’s Fridays for Future school strike to the UN-Secretary General’s Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change, young people around the globe are demanding that their opinions are heard and that real environmental change is enacted.

Global Exchanges 2021 - Maximizing diaspora engagement

Global Exchanges 2021 - Maximizing diaspora engagement Building trust, mobilizing resources, and ensuring sustainability    Introduction 

Do I Belong?

As part of the Kee Khobor project, Re-Balance is shamelessly celebrating the diverse identities and experiences of British Bengali community. By sharing stories from the community we hope that people will feel a sense of belonging and visibility whilst reflecting on the challenges faced by and within the community over the last 50 years since Bangladesh gained independence.

The "Who", "What", and "How" of diaspora engagement - Roberto Cancel's insights from a global diaspora career

Episode 23 of the Migration & Diaspora Podcast: The "Who", "What", and "How" of diaspora engagement - Roberto Cancel's insights from a global diaspora career. Loksan Harley 3/15/2021
Daphne Henning

Haïti: une réduction des risques plus sûre et des abris plus sûrs

Ayiti: Rediksyon Risk pou Dezas ak Abri ki pi an sekirite Goudou Goudou Nou pap janm bliye, Goudou Goudou Tankou you mapou N’ap rebay lavi Rebati Pou lespwa fleri Ayiti, tankou tout lòt peyi, gen anpil danje nan anviwonman an ak dezas natirèl, tankou tranblemanntè, inondasyon, ak siklòn. Malgre ke, nou pa ka anpeche malè tankou dezas natirèl yo, nou tout ka fè yon bagay pou prepare nou pou nou…
Daphne Henning

Join the Community Vaccine Townhall

Join the Haiti Renewal Alliance and IndyGeneUS for a virtual townhall event about Coronavirus 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine uptake and hesitancy. The event is on Thursday, February 25th from 18:00-20:00 EST (GMT/UTC-5), and is in honor of Black History Month. The goal of the town hall is to discuss the state of the vaccine rollout, 'debunk' Covid-19 vaccine myths, address concerns in the…

Diaspora and knowledge transfer – the evidence

Article originally published by The Broker Authors: Katherine Kuschminder, Charlotte Mueller, Kiza Magendane, Yannicke Goris