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Migrants and diaspora communities are recognized for their invaluable role in society due to their rich cultural contributions, diverse voices, and their economic contributions to the countries they live in and come from, including philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and innovations. iDiaspora provides a platform to share your voice, to gain knowledge, and to engage with the global community committed to the importance of diaspora.


Becoming a member of iDiaspora will bring you closer with diaspora and expatriate communities globally for sharing your work with others, but also finding inspiration and new opportunities. You will have access to regularly updated news, relevant resources, learning and funding opportunities.
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From research to training materials, groups around the world are creating resources for transnational communities. iDiaspora aims to bring together resources from variety of partners in one place in order to help individuals and organisations in diaspora get the information they need to effectively engage as developmental actors.
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There are many ways to give back but its not always easy to find an outlet for our efforts. iDiaspora aims to link those that want to make a difference with concrete opportunities to forge a better future.
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iDiaspora is a developing platform and we need your help to continue to grow. We are looking for ideas, thoughts, and opinions to help us innovate iDiaspora.

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Diaspora engagement

Diaspora engagement has to potential to become a practice of choice for the public and private sector. We need to narrow the gaps in connectivity, knowledge and opportunity between these sectors to realize this potential. I sense iDiaspora is an important step-change in this journey and is a platform I look forward to seeing flourish.

~ Martin Russell, co-founder of the forthcoming DiasporaLab

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18 October 2021
News and Updates

Call for papers: Diaspora Studies

Call for papers - Nov 1st, 2021
14 October 2021

Calling Entrepreneurs for Forwarding Global-Tech 2022 H2H Cohort

04 October 2021

The Future of Diasporas

The Future of Diasporas project was born out of the realization that reflections around diaspora engagement all too often come down to States of play and lacked much-needed forward-looking vision. This publication contains 12 thought-provoking articles written by global experts who have devoted their careers to better understanding diaspora engagement and creating conditions for transnational…
24 July 2021
Blog Entry

Looking to share the stories of emigrants from South America and their descendants

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the fundamental contribution made by transnational communities of migrants and diaspora to the resilience of their countries and communities of origin has become ever more evident and it will be even more important for the post-pandemic socio-economic recovery. But to maximize the impact of these contributions, there is a need to ensure government policies and…
08 July 2021
News and Updates

Study on African diaspora organisations' engagement in local development - Survey

ADEPT has recently launched a study on the engagement of African diaspora organisations in local development of the African continent.
25 June 2021

Empowering Global Diasporas in the Digital Era

Diasporas are agents with the capacity to create transnational connections and initiatives to support their communities both in their countries of origin and in their countries of residence. Technology provides an invaluable tool to galvanize these diasporic efforts to tap into the unlimited potential of the digital space and collaboration.
17 June 2021
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3rd Global Exchange - Maximizing diaspora engagement: Ensuring Sustainability

The purpose of this event is to analyze best practices on how to ensure long-term viability of diaspora engagement initiatives and programmes. Discussions will be centred around the following questions: - Why is it important to consider a long-term perspective in the development and design of diaspora engagement initiatives? - What are the main challenges faced by practitioners working on…
Daphne Henning
08 June 2021
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Being Heard: Enhancing Opportunities for Participation of Internally Displaced Persons in Decision-Making

Join the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Georgetown University's Institute for the Study of International Migration for a virtual discussion on ways that internally displaced persons can increase their participation in decision-making processes. 

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