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Migrants and diaspora communities are recognized for their invaluable role in society due to their rich cultural contributions, diverse voices, and their economic contributions to the countries they live in and come from, including philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and innovations. iDiaspora provides a platform to share your voice, to gain knowledge, and to engage with the global community committed to the importance of diaspora.


Becoming a member of iDiaspora will bring you closer with diaspora and expatriate communities globally for sharing your work with others, but also finding inspiration and new opportunities. You will have access to regularly updated news, relevant resources, learning and funding opportunities.
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From research to training materials, groups around the world are creating resources for transnational communities. iDiaspora aims to bring together resources from variety of partners in one place in order to help individuals and organisations in diaspora get the information they need to effectively engage as developmental actors.
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There are many ways to give back but its not always easy to find an outlet for our efforts. iDiaspora aims to link those that want to make a difference with concrete opportunities to forge a better future.
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Diaspora engagement

Diaspora engagement has to potential to become a practice of choice for the public and private sector. We need to narrow the gaps in connectivity, knowledge and opportunity between these sectors to realize this potential. I sense iDiaspora is an important step-change in this journey and is a platform I look forward to seeing flourish.

~ Martin Russell, co-founder of the forthcoming DiasporaLab

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Daphne Henning
04 November 2022
Event Calendar

Ukraine Diaspora Conference

The online event will bring together representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora from different countries to discuss a role transnational communities can play in humanitarian response and country’s recovery, and to identify concrete cooperation opportunities and the way forward. Simultaneous translation in English and Ukrainian will be provided.
Daphne Henning
13 October 2022
Blog Entry

Fostering Global Diaspora Engagement in COVID-19 Response and Relief

A new initiative implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Washington, DC in cooperation with the local IOM Country Offices is supporting a variety of innovative projects by seven diaspora organizations in the following three countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe. The local IOM Country Offices are facilitating the projects on the ground, ensuring proper coordination…
12 September 2022
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Diaspora Mapping Toolkit

The IOM Diaspora Mapping Toolkit builds on the rich experience of more than 150 diaspora mappings conducted in various contexts, this toolkit presents a systematic, comprehensive yet highly flexible and agile approach to mapping the diaspora in different contexts. By following clear guidelines for collecting and analyzing data about diaspora communities, policymakers will be able to develop more…
Veronica Uribe-Kessler
24 August 2022

iDiaspora Newsletter - Issue 1 - August 2022

The iDiaspora Team is pleased to share with our global community the first iDiaspora newsletter.  Diasporas have invaluable economic, cultural, human, and social capital for societies. Governments, organizations, and partners across the world have recognized their potential as development actors in multiple initiatives. This newsletter seeks to highlight major diaspora stories, successes, events…
19 July 2022


This report provides an overview of key good practices of diaspora organizations that engage in humanitarian response. These fourteen good practices were selected after consultations with diaspora organizations as well as institutional humanitarian actors. Each good practice is illustrated by two concrete examples of diaspora organizations who respond to crisis and emergency situations. The…
Jaka Ceesay Jaiteh
30 June 2022
Blog Entry

Tapping into Diaspora Skills to Strengthen Healthcare Systems in The Gambia

Banjul, 28 Feb 2022 – Twenty-two years ago, a teenage Olimatou Chongan decided to leave home for the United Kingdom to pursue her undergraduate studies. “My parents were very encouraging of my education. I had a hardworking father and a loving mother,” recalls Olimatou. “After the 1994 coup in The Gambia, many of my family members left the country, so I already had some family in the UK.”
22 June 2022


10 June 2022
Event Calendar

Channelling remittances for local development

Background and Scope Migrants’ economic contributions to their countries of origin in the form of remittances have been well documented. Latest World Bank data shows that they continued to increase over the past year and are the most significant international financial flow for many low- and middle-income countries. Through the Covid-19 pandemic migrant resourcefulness meant that remittance…

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