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iDiaspora aims to bring together resources from a variety of partners in one place in order to help individuals and organisations in diaspora get the information they need to effectively engage as developmental actors in countries of residence and origin. These resources have been categorised into five general categories to help you more easily find what you need to work more effectively. Within each category you can filter the resources further to find those that are most relevant for your needs and your work, be it by relevant country of residence and/or origin, by thematic area, by author, or even by year of publication. While we strive to include as many resources as possible we also welcome your contribution to the resource hub.

Online Learning Opportunities

Diaspora engagement

Diaspora engagement has to potential to become a practice of choice for the public and private sector. We need to narrow the gaps in connectivity, knowledge and opportunity between these sectors to realize this potential. I sense iDiaspora is an important step-change in this journey and is a platform I look forward to seeing flourish.

~ Martin Russell, co-founder of the forthcoming DiasporaLab

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As a member, you will be able to use iDiaspora for sharing your knowledge, creating and managing your events and networking with each other and diaspora experts.