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Jacqueline Howell
23 December 2021

Navigating my Double-Identity through Language

From a young age, I have grappled with how to carry and convey the two worlds that live within me. Having said my first words in Spanish in Argentina, but then read my first book in the United States in English, I have felt straddled across the Northern and Southern tips of a continent for as long as I can remember. 
17 December 2021

Global Diaspora Assembly

The Global Diaspora Confederation (GDC) first Global Diaspora Week commenced on 12th December 2021. This event scheduled to continue through to 18th December 2021 has been tremendously successful so far. We are thrilled to announce that the Deputy Director-General of IOM, Ms. Ugochi Daniels will be attending our first Global Diaspora Assembly this Saturday, 18th December at 2 pm GMT/UTC.
17 December 2021

The Potential of Diasporas for Development

Diasporas are important development actors. But how exactly to they engage with their communities?   Learn more about how transnational migrants impact development in our new video series. In this short video series, academics, diaspora members and practitioners present their views on the relevance of engaging with diasporas and their impact on development.  
13 December 2021

Migration, climate change and sustainable development: a new perspective for Italian mountain areas

  In a global context of climate change, people move in different ways, either by migrating within their own countries or by crossing borders. Increasing climate volatility and environmental degradation affect people's mobility (voluntary or forced) and their livelihoods.
03 December 2021

Global Diaspora Week 2021

The world’s first Global Diaspora Week for all Diaspora Organizations Global Diaspora Week is a week (12-18 December 2021) of global activities for Diaspora Organizations (DO) in the world to advocate, discuss, debate, and make recommendations on subjects pertaining to diasporas and their supporting communities. It is organized by Global Diaspora Confederation and supported by IOM.
08 October 2021


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24 July 2021

Looking to share the stories of emigrants from South America and their descendants

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the fundamental contribution made by transnational communities of migrants and diaspora to the resilience of their countries and communities of origin has become ever more evident and it will be even more important for the post-pandemic socio-economic recovery. But to maximize the impact of these contributions, there is a need to ensure government policies and…
26 June 2021

Breaking diaspora engagement barriers through effective media communication

By Theresa R. Fianko Picture by fauxels on Pexels.
26 June 2021

Nepali migrants’ use of social media during the pandemic

By Upasana Khadka Picture: Stranded Nepalis in the UAE go live on Facebook to tell their stories after not receiving adequate support from authorities. Source: Kalim Miya.
26 June 2021

Emigrating e-Services: Diasporic insta-advocacy and the Egyptian ID card renewal process

By Nadine Loza Picture by the author

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