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Filipino diaspora organizations receive Roofus Awards from the Global Shelter Cluster

Daphne Henning
25 January 2023

Filipino diaspora organizations receive Roofus Awards from the Global Shelter Cluster

A house constructed in the Philippines as part of the IOM-PUSO project, Hope Reframed.

The Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) has awarded Roofus Awards to two Filipino diaspora organizations, the Pilipino Senior Resource Center (PSRC) and the Purposeful Unconditional Service to Others (PUSO) Foundation. 

PSRC has been supporting the San Francisco Filipino American community since 2006. They address the needs of Pilipino seniors and their families by providing compassionate, holistic, comprehensive quality family-based services and information. PSRC received the award for their work in developing and disseminating disaster risk reduction (DRR) and IEC materials. 

The PUSO Foundation has impacted over 200,000 lives since their inception in 2017, including interventions in the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, and Lebanon. Their main initiatives include strategic fundraising for numerous US-based and international projects for communities impacted by crises like natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as college outreach programs for Filipino American youth. PUSO was awarded for their work in bringing a youth perspective and developing and disseminating DRR and Building Back Safer materials.

Both organizations are partners of IOM's Diaspora Engagement Unit based in Washington, DC. The partnerships have spanned multiple projects funded by USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, and have also involved supporting the development of the Framework for Diaspora's Engagement in Humanitarian Assistance. IOM works with PUSO to implement the current Hope Reframed Housing Project, which builds houses for impacted communities in target areas in the Philippines.

For more information, contact the Diaspora Engagement Unit at