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Call for abstracts: Times and temporalities of migrant transnationalism

For a series of panels at the 2022 IMISCOE conference we invite papers that address migrant transnationalism with analytical perspectives on time and temporalities. Submit an abstract of between 200 and 250 words by 1 December 2021. The conference takes place in Oslo, Norway, from 29 June to 1 July 2022. Participation can be either physical or virtual.

Call for papers: Diaspora Studies

Call for papers - Nov 1st, 2021

Study on African diaspora organisations' engagement in local development - Survey

ADEPT has recently launched a study on the engagement of African diaspora organisations in local development of the African continent.
Generazione Ponte Association organizing food parcel distribution -©F. Malavolta/IOM 2020

Enhancing COVID-19 response through the engagement of migrant associations in Italy


2nd edition of the ADEPT magazine


iDiaspora: Accelerating Diaspora’s Global Engagement in the Post-Pandemic Era

The iDiaspora Platform was officially launched on 8 October 2018 during the

2nd Global Nepali Health Conference

Over 8 million Nepali are outside of Nepal and the majority of them are migrant workers and have found themselves affected one way or other by the current pandemic. The Health Committee of Non-Resident Nepali Association is organizing 2nd Global Nepali Health Conference during Sept 18-20, 2020. The aim of the conference is to bring together individuals, organizations, government(s) and…

Newsletter Diaspora Engagement IOM the Netherlands

This newsletter is focused on diaspora engagement and on how we at IOM the Netherlands place the diaspora at the centre of our projects. I could not explain it better than our participants do in our promotion video, featuring our projects and highlighting their achievements. You will also have noticed that our website has been improved with a fresh new look and several additional features to…
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BEYOND IYANOLA DIGEST Issue No. 6 - Inspiration (Apr/Jun 2022)

BEYOND IYANOLA publications aim to bring you the stories of the Saint Lucian diaspora, from around the world. Come soak in some 'Inspiration' in our most recent edition, as we meet Maia Compton, Lucesse Samuel, and Mathurine Emmanuel. Three dynamic creatives in the diaspora, inspiring us with their pure Saint Lucian Talent.

Flexible and Locally Led : An Enhanced Approach to Mainstreaming Migration into Local Policy Planning

This publication outlines a new approach to mainstreaming migration into local development plans to harness the role of local authorities as key actors in migration and development initiatives. 
Michelle Balon


The IOM Germany Diaspora Newsletter puts a spotlight on the important work of diaspora organizations in Germany, while supporting them to reach a wider audience. The Newsletter also features highlights from IOM's diaspora engagement. If you are a diaspora organization or work on diaspora engagement in Germany and would like to be featured in an upcoming issue, feel free to contact


Veronica Uribe-Kessler

Key Highlights Global Diaspora Summit - Dublin 2022

On 1, 4, and 5 of April 2022, the IOM and the Irish Government co-hosted the Global Diaspora Summit (GDS) intending on assisting States and relevant stakeholders in measuring and evaluating their achievements towards Objective 19. This short analytical report was made thanks to the active engagement of participants, government leaders, and stakeholders during the first day of the summit. The report highlights the lessons learned on the first day of the summit, which included 6 thematic sessions and four Working Groups in Human, Social, Cultural, and Economic Capital.
Sophie Hart

IOM Belgium and Luxembourg Diaspora Newsletter - 5th Edition


Global Diaspora Summit Report

The Global Diaspora Summit, organized by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the Government of Ireland in Dublin in April 2022, represented a milestone in the highlevel recognition of migrants and diasporas’ development contributions. The Summit built on the awareness achieved at the 2013 International Diaspora Ministerial Conference, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and – of particular pertinence – the 2018 Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).
Sophie Hart

Destination-Country Policies to Foster Diaspora Engagement in Development

It is now widely recognized that emigrants and their descendants contribute greatly to the development of their countries of origin or ancestry, not only with remittances but also by starting businesses, through exchanges of knowledge, and more. And many migrant-origin countries have invested in connecting with their diaspora and leveraging its contributions.
06 July 2022
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Connect, Learn and Contribute NOW!

01 July 2022

Consultant - UX research for iDiaspora

Project Context and Scope
Jaka Ceesay Jaiteh
30 June 2022
Blog Entry

Tapping into Diaspora Skills to Strengthen Healthcare Systems in The Gambia

Banjul, 28 Feb 2022 – Twenty-two years ago, a teenage Olimatou Chongan decided to leave home for the United Kingdom to pursue her undergraduate studies. “My parents were very encouraging of my education. I had a hardworking father and a loving mother,” recalls Olimatou. “After the 1994 coup in The Gambia, many of my family members left the country, so I already had some family in the UK.”
Daphne Henning
15 June 2022
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Diaspora Action for Disaster Recovery in Haiti

Join Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA) for a Shelter Sector Summit exploring new thinking in addressing disparities and community needs in the housing sector through active engagement and integration of the diaspora.   This hybrid event will gather humanitarian and development actors, government officials, members of the diaspora, the private sector, and engineering and construction professionals to…
10 June 2022
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Channelling remittances for local development

Background and Scope Migrants’ economic contributions to their countries of origin in the form of remittances have been well documented. Latest World Bank data shows that they continued to increase over the past year and are the most significant international financial flow for many low- and middle-income countries. Through the Covid-19 pandemic migrant resourcefulness meant that remittance…
Daphne Henning
03 June 2022
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Diaspora Voices: Protecting Our Oceans

“Diaspora Voices” is a collaborative initiative with a new focus on combatting the climate crisis, providing direct engagement between diaspora members and top government officials about challenges directly affecting their communities and creating opportunities to work with the U.S. Department of State to address them.
30 May 2022
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Latinas in the Diaspora

Living outside one's country is not easy but it opens up perspectives and gives us opportunities to enrich ourselves and our communities of origin. We've found this to be especially relevant for Latinas in the diaspora. Taking all this into account, IOM and Granadilla Podcast are joining forces to help Latinas in diaspora find their voice and empower themselves as agents of change in their…
Sophie Hart
16 May 2022
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