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Empowering transnational communities and diasporas with a gender perspective

IOM developed this e-learning course to promote understanding of and engagement with transnational communities and diasporas, so that the target audience will broaden their knowledge base and positively impact their operational practices and understanding of these issues. 

The purpose of the e-learning is to help participants:   

  • Recognize the components of diasporas by identifying their main characteristics in order to understand the importance of their empowerment for development.    

  • Understand the possibilities of working with diasporas based on examples of good practices that show the importance of implementing coherent public policies to foster the engagement of members of the diaspora.  

  •  Recognize diaspora contributions in their different forms of capital, social, economic, human and cultural, in order to understand the opportunities for collaboration in each area.  

  •  Know the techniques for contacting and connecting with diasporas through social media and multimedia channels, analyzing examples of good practices. 

  • Identify the fundamental elements for working with diasporas, making use of concrete examples at the international level.