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Developing Diaspora Capacities

Diaspora or transnational communities often remain psychologically, socially, economically and politically connected to their countries of origin, and are significant development stakeholders not only there, but also their countries of residence. Their contributions are varied, ranging from business investment, trade and philanthropy to skills transfer and diaspora tourism. While there is a strong recognition of diasporas as development actors, diasporas and transnational communities often lack capacities to maximize the positive impact of their contributions. This section is dedicated to highlighting and sharing expertise to address capacity-building needs and enable diaspora communities as agents of development. Here are some guiding questions to foster the dialogue:

Diaspora community organizations are growing as influencers within civil society, what needs do you or your organization have for its internal development?      
What type of soft skills do you need in order to develop your work?
What type of governance structure do you utilize within your organization?          
What recommendations do you have to engage and manage your board? 

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Connecting with Diasporas in Germany and Austria Larisa LARA-GUERRERO 0 12 July 2022 View