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Daphne Henning

Diaspora Action on Climate Change

Climate change affects all of us!

3.6 billion people are already living in areas highly susceptible to climate change. We are already experiencing effects from climate change like severe storms, more health risks, increased drought, lack of food, poverty and displacement, and a warming, rising ocean. 


Areas like Somalia and the Pacific Islands are particularly vulnerable.

Groups across the globe are already working to combat the climate crisis. Diasporas and…

Martina Castiglioni

Diaspora 4 Climate Action (D4C) Survey

Are you a member of the Bangladeshi, Ghanaian, Jamaican or Pakistani diaspora in the UK? If so, we’d like to hear from you!

IOM is launching a survey, as part of the Diaspora for Climate Action (D4C) project. This project aims at enabling diaspora members to build connections to achieve more effective and coordinated climate action in countries of origin, and greater and longer-lasting impacts on climate-vulnerable populations.

Veronica Uribe-Kessler

Call for submissions: Diasporas at the forefront of social protection; impacts, dynamics, and future opportunities

  Who​: ​A collaboration between Routed Magazine and iDiaspora:  

● Routed Magazine ​is an online publication on migration and (im)mobility. Bridging the divide between specialist academic literature on human mobility and popular portrayals of migration in the media, Routed Magazine hopes to bring a fresh, critical perspective to the study of how and why people move, as well as the contexts of mobility.  

●  …

IOM Rwanda

Engaging the Rwandan Diaspora

The Government of Rwanda (GoR) strongly believes that the Rwandan diaspora is an important component of the national socioeconomic development of the country. Previous diaspora mapping exercises conducted in Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Canada by IOM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MINAFFET), showed that the majority of the Rwandan diaspora members have the technical and professional capacity and are willing to contribute to the…

Martina Castiglioni

Diaspora 4 Climate Action (D4C)

Diaspora 4 Climate Action: Leveraging the Potential of Human Mobility in the Context of Climate Change through Diaspora Engagement in Albania, Bangladesh, Ghana and Jamaica, is an initiative funded by the IOM Development Fund (IDF) which aims to strengthen global action on climate change through diaspora engagement with their countries of origin.  Over 24 months (1 January 2023 – 31 December 2024), IOM will work…

Veronica Uribe-Kessler

iDiaspora Photo Contest

Overview:  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and IBER-RUTAS - Program that aims to contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity in Ibero-America for the protection of migrants' rights from an intercultural perspective - invite professional and amateurs photographers to participate in the iDiaspora Photo Contest. Through this activity, the IOM and IBER-RUTAS seek to highlight the socio-cultural contributions of diasporas and migrant…


Call for Submissions of New Logo Design for the Global Diaspora Confederation

We need your help to redesign our logo in a way that demonstrates the positive values and challenges of the global diaspora. Please note that the final submission deadline is Wednesday 21st September 2022 via the link above.

Our current emblem has a circle, three words (Global Diaspora Confederation), and a slogan (Connecting the World's Diaspora Organizations). With your help, we wish to rethink the circle part of our logo.

We would like to invite you to…


BEYOND IYANOLA DIGEST Issue No. 6 - Inspiration (Apr/Jun 2022)

Daphne Henning

Diaspora Voices

Daphne Henning

Build Back Safer

The scenario of insufficient resources, the need to enhance community preparedness, response and recovery efforts, and the recognition that shelter is a process, and not only a product, has led to an increased emphasis on engagement and partnership with non-traditional actors, like affected communities themselves and the diasporas that seek to help them.