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Cosmos Nabonadam

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Job seeker status
Actively seeking new opportunities
Educational background
Master’s or equivalent level
Personal Skills
Teamwork: develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.
Language Abilities
Mother tongue
Digital Skills
Computer literacy: Advance
Programming, Web and App Development: Medium
Digital Design and Data Visualization: Medium
Digital Marketing and Social Media: Medium
Data Science and Data Analytics: Medium
Agriculture, forestry: 0-1
Fisheries: 0-1
Information and communication: 0-1
Professional, scientific and technical activities: 0-1
Education: 1-5
Human health and social work activities: 1-5
Thematic Expertise
Educational background
Master’s Degree
I am interested to be involved in initiatives, activities and projects
Travel within my country of residence
Travel abroad
Remote work
I am available for the following type of assignment(s)
Short term (a few days)
Medium term (a few weeks)
Long term (more than one month)