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Why this Programme?

Migration is a defining feature of the 21st century in more than one way. Both migration and diaspora are closely linked with processes of social, economic and political development as well as important for individual empowerment for millions of people, communities and nations. Target 10.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasizes the facilitation of orderly, safe, and responsible migration and mobility of people, including through the implementation of planned and well-managed migration policies. 

The ‘Migration Governance and Diaspora Engagement’ Certificate Programme is interdisciplinary and policy oriented, with resource persons and lecturers  drawn from various sectors and thematic domains, regions and countries. They will share their  experiences to provide, not only multiple perspectives, but also help the learner to develop a nuanced understanding of the dynamics of international migration and diaspora engagement. 

The four organisations,  iDiaspora, GRFDT, CISAN and ADEPT,  have an outstanding global and sub-regional presence and will draw from their highly acclaimed networks of scholars and academics, policy institutions (international, regional, national and sub-regional), migrant organisations, diaspora organisations as well as  grassroot organisations. 

Programme Outcome

The programme will cover both theoretical and practical aspects of migration governance and diaspora engagement. Participants will work through a structured process from identifying learning needs to understanding the significant aspects necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of migration-related policies. The certificate programme will provide an opportunity for participants to reflect, share and build on the migration experiences and diasporic engagement through intellectually stimulated discussions based on realities in sending, transit and host countries and territories. Students will have the opportunity to publish their work on the organisations’ platforms such as GRFDT website and iDiaspora platform, facilitated by the IOM and designed to empower diaspora engagement. 

The programme will help students to gain deeper perspectives associated with migration governance and dive into prevailing developments, challenges and opportunities in diaspora engagement. The programme will also help professionals who are already working on migration related issues in various institutions to enhance their understanding. In addition, participants will be provided access and a platform to engage and share their contribution in cross-cutting sectors as well as engage with academia, journalism, civil society, private sector, NGOs, policy institutions and think-tanks. 

Objectives of the Programme

- To understand deeper nuances of migration governance and diaspora engagement  from interdisciplinary and intersectoral perspectives

- To critically examine various perspectives, policies and, politics of migration governance and diaspora engagement

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