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The Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT) is a consortium of researchers and policymakers drawn from national and international universities, institutes, and organisations. GRFDT is registered under Society Registration Act XXI of 1860, No: S-E/296/Dist South-East/2014. GRFDT is presently registered in India with members and partners spread across countries in the Gulf, Africa, US, Europe, Australia, North America and the Caribbean. GRFDT is shaping up to be the largest network of migration governance experts focusing specifically on the issues related to Migration, Diaspora and transnationalism. The GRFDT works as an academic and policy think tank by engaging national and international experts, that include academicians, practitioners, policymakers and, industry experts hailing from a broad range of areas such as migration policies, transnational linkages of development, human rights, culture, gender to mention a few.

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