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Reporting mechanism GCM Objective 19 for Diaspora Organizations

gdsThe International Organization for Migration, the UN Agency for Migration, is committed to working to achieve Objective 19 of the Global Compact for Migration, “to create conditions for migrants and diasporas to fully contribute to sustainable development in all countries.” To measure and understand the progress toward this goal, the IOM is using this reporting mechanism, an in-depth survey asking diaspora organizations about their initiatives, achievements, engagement, partnerships, communication, and contributions. This short survey aims to understand the objectives and progress of diaspora organizations to track the advancement of Objective 19 and gain knowledge of how the IOM can support diaspora organizations’ goals.

Engagement in this survey by diaspora organizations is critical as the IOM prepares for the Global Diaspora Summit 2022. The summit will focus on paving the way to achieving Objective 19 and prioritizing the role of transnational communities as agents and accelerators of sustainable development. As a diaspora organization, your work is invaluable in achieving this goal. Engaging in this 5-10 mins survey will promote your impacts and document your progress and successes globally.

Policy coherence and mainstreaming of diasporas into sustainable development

Institutionalisation of diaspora engagement

Socio-political participation and engagement of diasporas

Facilitation of mobility and circularity

Research and analysis on diaspora actors and contributions

Communication channels and information provision with the diaspora

Economic contributions of diasporas

Partnerships to harness development

International partnerships to foster skills transfer

Data Protection Notice  

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