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Investing your Skills

The skills and knowledge of diaspora professionals acquired in their countries of residence can reinforce human resources in sectors such as education, health care and public administration in their countries of origin. Diaspora professionals have often acquired soft skills, such as the ability to train and mentor. This section is designed to highlight the contributions by diaspora to scientific innovation, redressing skills shortages in countries of origin/destination, and promoting transfer of skills to the communities they reside in and originate from. Here are some guiding questions to foster the dialogue:

Do you re-invest your skills back in the countries you or your parents/grandparents come from?
Have there been attitudinal or structural barriers for you in investing your skills back home? If so, what have they been and how can they be overcome?
How has the role of technology changed how you invest with your skills back home?
How can we enhance transfers of skills and knowledge?

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