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Diaspora and Humanitarian Support

Philanthropic responses among diasporas to humanitarian crises in countries of origin/heritage tends to be immediate, substantial and spontaneous. But even outside of such crises, diaspora communities are often interested in contributing to organizations engaging in development-related activities back home. These activities tend to be identified and managed by diaspora groups themselves, leveraging their social networks and unique knowledge of local needs in their communities of origin. This section is dedicated to highlighting diaspora philanthropic response to humanitarian crises in countries of origin and reinforcing the need to align diaspora efforts with existing humanitarian initiatives for greater impact. Here are some guiding questions to foster the dialogue:

Tell us more about how you are providing charity to those who need your help in your country of origin 
Do you help international aid efforts in your country of origin? Tell us if you are, and what’s needed to improve these efforts.
How can one build a viable infrastructure for continuous giving?    
What forms of aid do you give?         
What have been the barriers to your diaspora community in actively engaging in peace-building in your country of origin?       
In your experience, what form of diaspora engagement has been most impactful in peace-building?

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