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03 December 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on Sudanese Communities in the UK

The Sudanese diaspora are an active community in helping deal with the impact of COVID-19 in different ways. With little robust information on how Sudanese diaspora and generally African diaspora organisations are doing this, there is little coordination between them. We are currently conducting a research on how Sudanese communities are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, as well as…
03 December 2020

EU Global Diaspora Facility Diaspora Engagement in Times of Crisis

With the Covid-19 outbreak leading to outstanding human, social and financial contributions from diasporas, their impact on emergency response is frequently underestimated by governments and relief organisations.
Álexandra BONNIE
29 May 2020

IOM Survey: COVID impacts on Migrants / Sondeo de la OIM sobre los impactos de COVID sobre los migrantes

(English and French versions below)
Gamuchirai SL Mandebvu
30 April 2020

Who do i belong to?

Migration who belongs to whom?
Gamuchirai SL Mandebvu
29 April 2020

Donate for Covid 19 response

As Zimbabweans from all walks of life unite to revitalize the health sector and aid the government efforts. The renovation of Saint Anne's Hospial is key to the long-term development of health services in Zimbabwe but once the hospital has been completed solidarity Zimbabwe is working with other agencies to build up other centers feed the hungry and bring aid to points of need
Peter Kwok
24 April 2020

Combat Prejudice Campaign

Dear everyone, Having shared our experience on combating hate incidents and xenophobia at the Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange yesterday, we are initiating our global Combat Prejudice Campaign. The campaign aims to bring together as many supportive organisations as possible to send out a joint statement to the world that we are standing by all diaspora communities who are experiencing hatred at…
07 January 2020

6 Steps to Getting Engaged

Do you want to give back but don't know where to start? Is there a cause you feel passionate about but don't feel like you can make a difference? Don't worry. You're not alone. Many of us have faced these same dilemmas and doubts when we first consider engaging as development actors but the important thing is to start and be willing to learn along the way and IOM's Diaspora Quick Start Guide is…
19 December 2018

New Features to Help You to Engage with Confidence

As the year draws to a close, we want to share something special with you. Here at iDiaspora we are always striving to make our community a safe, comfortable, and inspiring space for our users. So we are very happy to introduce some new features that will help you to engage in the community with confidence.
18 November 2018

Launch of an international money transfer system for the Burundian Diaspora on 24 November 2018 in Brussels

Sarah Jordan McGregor
26 October 2018

iDiaspora has Officially Launched!

On 8 October 2018, the iDiaspora platform facilitated by IOM, the UN Migration Agency, was launched at the Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland.  Over 70 representatives from governments, the private sector and civil society participated in  the official launch of this global engagement and knowledge exchange hub for transnational communities. An interactive panel discussion on “Reaching out…