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18 November 2018

Launch of an international money transfer system for the Burundian Diaspora on 24 November 2018 in Brussels

Sarah Jordan McGregor
26 October 2018

iDiaspora has Officially Launched!

On 8 October 2018, the iDiaspora platform facilitated by IOM, the UN Migration Agency, was launched at the Palais des Nations Geneva, Switzerland.  Over 70 representatives from governments, the private sector and civil society participated in  the official launch of this global engagement and knowledge exchange hub for transnational communities. An interactive panel discussion on “Reaching out…
05 October 2018

iDiaspora's Journey Toward its Official Launch on 8 October

  Transnational communities, diasporas, expatriates, migrants — no matter what labels apply, individuals living away from the places they call home have historically driven social and economic change around the globe. Over the last decade, development actors and governments have increasingly recognized and promoted the important role played by diaspora communities, which has already been…
Guri Daco
29 August 2018

Engaging the Albanian Diaspora Programme - Vacancy Announcements

IOM Albania Announcements   International Consultants – Two Vacancies   Vacancy 2018-22: International Consultant - Member of the Technical Advisory Board (TAB) for the Fellowship mechanism with residency in Italy  
Anastasiia Vynnychenko
09 March 2018

Special accreditation to participate in the Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the GCM

  NGOs, civil society organizations, diaspora organizations, migrant organizations, academic institutions, and private sector entities, not in consultative status with ECOSOC, are invited to apply for special accreditation to participate in the Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, which will be held in Morocco on 10 and 11 December…
16 December 2017

Get involved and help us make it better

All of us that have lived any length of time away from places, friends and family that we grew up with know that transnational lives are not easy but they are powerful. They are powerful both for the individual by creating opportunities to take the best of both cultures and societies and powerful as bridges between those societies. Here at IOM we want to help diasporas to be agents for change in…
Anastasiia Vynnychenko
18 November 2017

Welcome to iDIASPORA

This online platform will serve members of diasporas, as well as individuals and organizations willing to engage with them by providing a space to learn, connect and contribute. iDIASPORA invites you to make use of regularly updated resources and learning opportunities, network and share your own success stories, opinions and recommendations. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon, which will…

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