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Diaspora in Response to the Crisis

Hariyani Putri
16 February 2021

Diaspora in Response to the Crisis

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs on International Migrant Stock 2020, there were 281 million international migrants at mid-year 2020. More than 200 million international migrants were of working age between 20 and 64 years.

As diaspora groups, they play a significant role in the development and humanitarian fields. Since the beginning of the COVID-19, diasporas have supported their communities both in their new countries of residence and in those of origin such as by developing multiple campaigns to combat misinformation, providing supplies to hospitals, and providing access to psychological support.

One of the best practices came from the Pakistani diaspora. They launched an initiative by developing a digital platform to provide online consultations from Pakistani diaspora health practitioners from all over the world. Moreover, they also promote webinars to share knowledge on evidence-based COVID-19 practice guidelines between local and overseas health professionals. See IOM publication:…

Diaspora communities have shown that their contribution much more than financial support but also in the transfer of skills and knowledge and response to the crisis.