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Veronica Uribe-Kessler
15 March 2023
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Remittance as a source of lifeline

Jaonita Freitas is a housekeeper who receives remittances from her husband, who works in South Korea. Joanitas's story shows how remittances have positively impacted her family by providing for the family's daily needs as well as her education. It also helps her pay off debts.
Veronica Uribe-Kessler
08 March 2023
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iDiapora Stories - Dr. Rana Dajani President of SASTA and Founder of "We Love Reading"

Dr. Rana Dajani is a professor of molecular biology currently an affiliate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MA, USA. She is originally from Jordan and half Palestinian half Syrian. Besides being a scientist, Dr. Dajani is a social entrepreneur and the founder and director of the program We Love Reading which works on changing mindsets through reading to nurture changer-makers by…

Session 3 - Mauritian Diaspora Dialogue: Research Recommendations and Co-Designing the Future

This webinar shares the recommendations of the IOM/UN Agency for Migration commissioned report, Pilot Mappings of the Mauritian Diaspora in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom: Stories of Belonging, Impact, and Opportunity.

Session 2 - Mauritian Diaspora Dialogue: Research Recommendations and Co-Designing the Future


Background and Context In 2022, IOM as the lead international agency working on issues related to human mobility and as Coordinator of the UN Network on Migration (UNMN), co-hosted the first Global Diaspora Summit (GDS), in partnership with the Government of Ireland and other lead participating states. The outcome of the successful GDS is The Dublin Declaration, a plan of action for diaspora to …

Multistakeholder consultation on the creation of the future Global Diaspora Policy Alliance

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