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Mayada Adil

Mayada Adil, 29, Co-founder of La Loupe Creative which is an art platform that showcases refugee artists and gives them tools and training that assists in the development of their talents. Mayada is a multidisciplinary woman advocate for health equity, gender equality, fashion, and activism from Sudan based in Paris with rich experiences in the health, cultural diplomacy, and arts domains. Mayada is a prominent young leader in the field of gender equality advocacy. In addition to her work on gender equality, Mayada is also a medical doctor that helps to advocate for better environments for doctors and enhancing the connections between medicine, governments, and civil society. Mayada’s expertise does not lie just in the realms of medicine and advocacy as she is also an aspiring fashion designer and artist. Recently, she partnered with Google Arts & Culture to display an art collection called 'Colors of Africa' for Sudan. Mayada is also a 2022 Global Young Leader for SDGs appointed by UN Secretary General Youth Envoy.

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Mayada Adil Interview