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Jamal Hill

Jamal Hill, 27, is the founder and president of the Swim Up Hill Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on providing educational resources, and volunteers to teach individuals, both children and adults, how to swim right from within their own community. It is the goal of both Jamal and his organization to help to promote swim education and to reduce the number of people who die from drowning. As a former Team USA Paralympic athlete who competed at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Jamal has spent nearly his whole life in a pool and aims to inspire others to learn how to swim through his expertise and skills. Since its founding, Swim Up Hill has become a platform to teach others and has effectively helped over one million people learn to swim. In addition to his work with Swim Up Hill, Jamal is also a disability rights advocate and truly is a young change member within his home nation of the United States—in addition to helping individuals around the world. Jamal is also a 2022 Global Young Leader for SDGs appointed by UN Secretary General Youth Envoy.

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Jamal Hill Interview