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Veronica Uribe-Kessler
02 September 2022

iDiaspora Photo Contest

Overview:  The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and IBER-RUTAS - Program that aims to contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity in Ibero-America for the protection of migrants' rights from an intercultural perspective - invite professional and amateurs photographers to participate in the iDiaspora Photo Contest. Through this activity, the IOM and IBER-RUTAS seek to highlight the socio-cultural contributions of diasporas and migrant…

26 August 2022

Call for Submissions of New Logo Design for the Global Diaspora Confederation

We need your help to redesign our logo in a way that demonstrates the positive values and challenges of the global diaspora. Please note that the final submission deadline is Wednesday 21st September 2022 via the link above.

Our current emblem has a circle, three words (Global Diaspora Confederation), and a slogan (Connecting the World's Diaspora Organizations). With your help, we wish to rethink the circle part of our logo.

We would like to invite you to…

04 July 2022

BEYOND IYANOLA DIGEST Issue No. 6 - Inspiration (Apr/Jun 2022)

Daphne Henning
21 April 2022

Diaspora Voices

Daphne Henning
30 March 2022

Build Back Safer

The scenario of insufficient resources, the need to enhance community preparedness, response and recovery efforts, and the recognition that shelter is a process, and not only a product, has led to an increased emphasis on engagement and partnership with non-traditional actors, like affected communities themselves and the diasporas that seek to help them.

Daphne Henning
28 January 2022

Diaspora’s Engagement in COVID-19 Response and Relief

Supporting COVID-19 Response and Relief at the Country Level Through Disbursement and Facilitation of Sub-Grants for Selected Diaspora Organizations

To galvanize diaspora’s engagement in COVID-19 response, IOM Washington, DC is implementing a project funded by USAID's Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance, with the ultimate goal to increase the reach and effectiveness of relief assistance to communities affected by the…

02 December 2021

Global Diaspora Week

Global Diaspora Week is a week of global activities for Diaspora Organizations (DO) in the world to advocate, discuss, debate and make recommendations on subjects pertaining to diasporas and their supporting communities. It is organized by Global Diaspora Confederation supported by the UN IOM.


28 September 2021

Regional Diaspora Engagement in Southern Africa


Are you a member of or work with the diaspora community of the Southern Africa region? Would you like to engage with other members, organizations, experts and institutions and find opportunities to leverage your work? Would you like access to diaspora success stories, best practices and relevant policies from across the region? Would you like to voice your opinions and contribute to the discourse on national and regional initiatives, including development programs and skills…

24 June 2021

Diaspora Youth Design Competition: “The Future of Diaspora”

Are you a young member of any diaspora interested in design? How do you envision diaspora engagement in the future? 

ADEPT and iDiaspora are organising the First Design Competition for young diaspora members.  

This competition is opened exclusively to young…

11 June 2021

Online Certificate Programme: Migration Governance and Diaspora Engagement

Why this Programme?

Migration is a defining feature of the 21st century in more than one way. Both migration and diaspora are closely linked with processes of social, economic and political development as well as important for individual empowerment for millions of people, communities and nations. Target 10.7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) emphasizes the facilitation of orderly, safe, and responsible…