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First Meeting of Global Diaspora Coalition on Combating COVID-19

Type of Event


On 22 April 2020, the first Global Diaspora Virtual Exchange on Response to COVID-19 was organized as a space for the members from different transnational communities around the world to share their best practices and lessons learn in response to the global health crisis. One immediate result from the discussions that took place during that event was a Joint Statement in Solidarity with those Facing Xenophobia due to COVID-19 which received over 200 signatories. Based on this outpouring of support, the coveners of the joint statement would like to move forward to concrete actions, the signatories will convene to form a Global Coalition of likeminded diaspora organizations committed to working together to address the challenges arising from the current situation.



The first virtual meeting of the Coalition will be organized on 8 July at 16.00 (GMT+2) and all signatories of the joint statement and other interested organizations are welcome to take part in this formative meeting to decide the structure and priorities of the Coalition. Its aim is  to support as many vulnerable diaspora communities as possible by sharing and taking forward effective measures to tackle global COVID-19 challenges affecting the global diaspora and the communities where they reside.

It is proposed that moving forward, member organizations of the Coalition will work together to identify the regional challenges and collaborative solutions with supportive entities including the IOM and national governments. Diaspora leaders closely coordinate in the global response to the coronavirus pandemic to safeguard vulnerable communities from xenophobia and discrimination.



  1. Welcoming remarks from Conveners  – 20 mins
  2. Plenary Discussion of Objectives of the Coalition – 30 mins
  3. Presentation of Inputs from Global Diaspora Exchange Events – 10 mins
  4. Plenary Discussion of Structure of the Coalition – 30 mins
  5. Nomination/Election of Provisional Board – 20 mins
  6. Wrap up Next Steps – 10 mins
Topic / Panel Areas

See Agenda tab.

Target Audience

Signatories of the Joint Statement in Solidarity with those facing Xenophobia due to COVID-19 and other interested diaspora organizations committed to working together to better face the impacts of the current situation.

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