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Abelneh Teka

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I am Ableneh Teka, a 34 year old software design engineer and and an ambitious entrepreneur in the making.
I was born and raised in Ethiopia where I also attended my bachelor degree in Computer Science. While attending my computer science study, I was also running a side business of repairing and assembling computers. After finishing my bachelor studies, I was planning to start up my own computers and accessories repair and sales business.
But my life turned into a different direction when I won a scholarship for graduate studies in the Netherlands. So I came to Holland in 2010 for further studies and I completed my MSC and PDEng studies in 2014. Since 2014, i am working as a software design engineer in a company specialized in making advanced semiconductor technologies.
Starting my own business was always my ambition, and beside my day to day work, I spent my free time by getting familiar with various business automation tools and techniques that I can apply in Ethiopian context. This is exciting and challenging as not every western made solution is usable in Ethiopia’s business environment.
As a developing country with one of the fastest growing economies, Ethiopia’s ICT sector is expanding and I have witnessed there are quite a lot of business opportunities to explore in ICT, e-commerce and business automation areas. My special interest is automating various business operations by providing ICT solutions custom that are custom tailored to Ethiopian bureaucracy and way of working. For starters, I am establishing a startup that aims at automating utility bill payment systems and a web platform for providing automated construction management solutions for the Ethiopian construction sector.