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Hariyani Putri
16 February 2021

Diaspora in Response to the Crisis

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs on International Migrant Stock 2020, there were 281 million international migrants at mid-year 2020. More than 200 million international migrants were of working age between 20 and 64 years.
Hariyani Putri
01 February 2021

Sharing with Andi, An Early Child Educator in Norway

In the commemoration of the International Day of Education on the last 24 January 2021, we had the opportunity to connect with Andi, an Indonesian native and an early childhood educator on the northern side of Norway. When his first visit to Norway, he had no plan to reside or work as he just came to meet his friend. Then, he decided to live in Norway afterward. “I attended the Norwegian…

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