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2nd Global Nepali Health Conference

Over 8 million Nepali are outside of Nepal and the majority of them are migrant workers and have found themselves affected one way or other by the current pandemic.

The Health Committee of Non-Resident Nepali Association is organizing 2nd Global Nepali Health Conference during Sept 18-20, 2020. The aim of the conference is to bring together individuals, organizations, government(s) and international agencies who are working towards improving and maintaining the health of Nepali as migrants worldwide, as well as in Nepal. 

Scientific presentations, sessions on migrant health, women-and-child health, occupation health and more will be discussed in a variety of perspective including prevention or delaying of diseases, rapid treatment, mental health promotion, injury prevention, changing health behavior and health promotion in general.

Through the global network of doctors, nurses and health care workers the Health Committee of NRNA has been heavily involved in mitigating the impact of the Corona virus pandemic in several fronts such as providing technical guidance to the government and the general public, helping procure essential diagnostic and therapeutics, providing consultations on health through tele-health, live broadcast, webinar etc. 

For more detail and to sign up please see the Conference Website here:



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