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Webinar on GCM 20 - Remittances

Event date with timezone
Tuesday, 22-Feb-2022 15:00:00 - Tuesday, 22-Feb-2022 16:30:00 Europe/Brussels
Type of Event
Global Research Forum on Diaspora & Transnationalism

Webinar on focusing on the progress and challenges towards "GCM Objective 20: Promote faster, safer and cheaper transfer of remittances and foster financial inclusion of migrants. "

Topic / Panel Areas

1. Anna Ferro:  Remittances Consultant and Diaspora Expert 
2. Jonas Tesfu: Co-Founder and CEO - Pangea Accelerator 
3. Nadine Segadlo: Researcher - Osnabrück University
4. Dr Rakesh Ranjan: Assistant Professor - Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Moderator: Paddy Siyanga Knudsen - GRFDT 

Target Audience

The webinar is part of the 23-series of webinars attached to the  FREE online certificate programme on the Global Compact for Migration. The idea is to bring across new thoughts and reflections in light of developments around the globe on migration, including the impact of the COVID pandemic and the regional reviews of the GCM that have taken place in the year. The programme is jointly organised by the Cross-Regional Center for Refugees and Migrants (CCRM), Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT), International Institute for Migration and Development (IIMAD), Metropolis Asia - Pacific (MAP) and Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA).

This is the second time we offer the FREE certificate programme and you can find more information on past webinars on this link:  

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