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Key alliances and the transnational humanitarian system

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Wednesday, 13-Oct-2021 14:00:00 - Wednesday, 13-Oct-2021 15:30:00 Europe/London
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This webinar is one of three planned to explore different perspectives on diaspora engagement in humanitarian assistance. Diasporas represent a key actor in transnational humanitarian assistance because they may act as bridges between local, national, regional, and international actors. In addition, diasporas’ attachment to their homeland motivates them to create alliances with key stakeholders and navigate complex humanitarian systems to protect their communities from abroad.  

Objectives of the webinar series 

  • To enhance peer-to-peer collaboration among actors in the humanitarian landscape 

  • To strengthen trust among diasporas and stakeholders responding to humanitarian emergencies 

  • To contribute to the recognition of diaspora members as legitimate humanitarian actors and stakeholders 

Simultaneous translation in English, French, Spanish and Arabic 

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