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Arifur Rahaman
15 February 2023

Are Biharis in Bangladesh Diaspora?: A succinct overview

Since Bangladesh's independence in 1971, the despondent condition of the Urdu-speaking Bihari Community has been a nuanced issue. Due to their distinct cultural identity, which distinguished them from Bengalis, Urdu-speaking people supported Pakistan and opposed Bangladesh's independence movement during the 1971 Liberation War. The post-war period was a period of uncertainty and destitution for…
Daphne Henning
25 January 2023

Filipino diaspora organizations receive Roofus Awards from the Global Shelter Cluster

The Global Shelter Cluster (GSC) has awarded Roofus Awards to two Filipino diaspora organizations, the Pilipino Senior Resource Center (PSRC) and the Purposeful Unconditional Service to Others (PUSO) Foundation. 
Veronica Uribe-Kessler
17 January 2023

Young diaspora leaders impacting the world today! 

Meet 10 Young Diaspora Leaders who are impacting their communities with unique projects  Young diaspora leaders impacting the world today! 
Daphne Henning
13 January 2023

Diasporas Take the Lead in Addressing Humanitarian Gaps in COVID-19 Recovery, Reach 1.5 Million People in Lebanon, Tunisia and Zimbabwe

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has partnered with select diaspora organizations operating in Lebanon, Tunisia and Zimbabwe to implement a series of innovative projects in areas significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Collectively, these projects have reached upwards of 1.5 million people within the last six months.
Sid Mofya
05 January 2023

Introducing: African Diaspora Investments Marketplace

The African Diaspora Investments Marketplace is an exciting new project to increase entrepreneurial opportunities and investment across Africa. We would like to invite you, as a member of the African diaspora, to share your experiences and insights and influence the direction of this important initiative.
Daphne Henning
13 October 2022

Fostering Global Diaspora Engagement in COVID-19 Response and Relief

A new initiative implemented by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Washington, DC in cooperation with the local IOM Country Offices is supporting a variety of innovative projects by six diaspora organizations in the following three countries: Lebanon, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe. The local IOM Country Offices are facilitating the projects on the ground, ensuring proper coordination…
07 October 2022

Promoting venture diaspora investments in Ghana

Zidicircle and SNV (Netherlands Development Organisation) have partnered to launch the GrEEn Venture Backers programme.
Veronica Uribe-Kessler
06 October 2022

Sharing Best Practices for Diaspora Engagement at the UNGA77 Side Event

Panelists highlighted the significance of diaspora contributions and dynamic responses to humanitarianism, development, and peace.
Jorge Acosta
27 September 2022

Latidos Latinos

Veronica Uribe-Kessler
31 August 2022

Georgina Kwakye: Connecting Diaspora

Story originally published by Connecting - IOM Netherlands. Georgina Kwakye is a former TV presenter and actress, who now works as a communications specialist and trainer. She has been a valuable partner in the CD4D project since 2017. Since 2020, she has been involved in the CD4D Ambassador campaign, which aims to make diaspora engagement more visible in the Netherlands. This…