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Dana Diminescu

Dana Diminescu is sociologist,  Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Télécom Paris one of the five prestigious French engineering School of The Institut Polytechnique de Paris.  She is known for her work on the “connected migrant”, (her empirical work enabled her to approach varied fields ranging from uses of mobile phone and voice IT, Internet, m-transactions by migrants in a variety of transnational and local use situations: mobility and mobilisation, integration strategies, cross-bordering, web diasporas, ethnic business, migration lifecycles) and for a number of epistemological and methodological innovations in her research, questioning classical theories in migration studies. In particular, she designed and co-ordinated the e-Diasporas Atlas project, which was first runner up of its category for the 2012 Digital Humanities Awards and designed on smartphone the JokaJobs application for generation Y jobseekers.

She is the coordinator of DiasporasLab.

She is a member of the Scientific Council of the Convergence Migration Institute and of the  Institute for Advanced Study of Aix Marseille University (IMeRA).

She is a member of the editorial committee of the journals Socio (published by the  FMSH Paris) and  Hommes et Migrations.